Changeling: the Lost Rules


As of September 2016, we are only using the playtest material for Changeling: the Lost 2nd edition.

Playtest compiled document

Harvesting Glamour

Rolls to harvest glamour must be done in #help and then the results noted to amaterasu on Canaille.


Pledges can be enacted in game. However, before they are finalized they must be approved by an ST.

Pledges currently use 1st edition rules with the following change: There is no mechanical difference in Vows, Oaths, or Corporeals. They all use the same pledge rules, and a Changeling can have a total number of active pledges equal to Wyrd+3.


At this time, this requires ST oversight. Please check with an ST before performing any.

The Hedge

Any use or interaction in The Hedge requires an ST to oversee.

Mien and the Mask

Changelings, by default, see the Mien and never see the Mask, unless they spend Glamour to see it, or a Changeling has spent Glamour to harden their mask. To represent this in our game, characters will use a normal IRC nickname, but can also set multiple descriptions on Canaille and on the Wiki. To add another description to Canaille, change your nickname to add _mien to the end of it, and set the description per usual.

In addition, if your Changeling burns away the Mask by spending all their Glamour at once to do so, please change your nick to use the _mien suffix to represent that in game channel. Remember, the Mask cannot be regained until they Harvest two (2) points of Glamour, and spend one (1) to harden the Mask again.

For Changelings who have hardened their Mask, there is no change to nickname, simply announce in channel and if any new Changeling characters enter channel that you have done so. Remember the shadow then will show features from the Mien at that point.

Changelings who are impersonating others, such as a Mirrorskin or using Contract of Mirrors, use the _msk tag per normal Suffix Rules, and note if the Mask is hardened as well, or any other visible changes to others. If you have any questions about how to handle a situation, please ask an ST in #help .

Please remember that Court membership, Entitlements, and higher Wyrd scores all affect the Mien and should be represented in some way in your Description. Court Mantle rating should go in your _mien description, as well as Freehold Status and any visible marks of an Entitlement. Remember Tokens also have a Mask and Mien and should be described as well.

"supernaturals with mystical senses" can see through the mask. This would require an active use of a power related to supernatural senses, such as Auspex, Mage Sight, etc. If you are unsure if a Sensory power would apply, ask a Storyteller.

Second Edition Playtest Court information

Mantle benefits per court:

Mantle represents a changeling's mystical connection with the emotions and ideals of a court. The higher the rating, the more she embodies that ideal. This is not a social construct dependent on other individuals' goodwill, but a character with a higher mantle does gain the sometimes reluctant respect of their peers for their commitment to the court. A character's mien reflects their mantle, which increases in strength as the merit grows. This has no mechanical effect but it does identify which court she is a member of as well as how connected she is. Each dot adds a +1 bonus to relevant rolls with members of their court. Characters who are not sworn to a court cannot purchase its mantle.
Each court has specific benefits for all of its members. When creating a court, the storyteller must choose which benefits to give each level of the merit.

• The mantle may manifest as a minor wash of color, scent or flavor in the changeling's mien.
Benefits may be a one-dot merit pertaining to the court's ideals, +1 to a skill, or a -1 penalty to a specific type of roll made against the courtier.
•• Courtiers gain a dot of the Goblin Vow merit related to their court.
••• The mantle may now occasionally manifest a visible element, plant, or other symbol of the court around them, particularly when using court contracts or feeling their court emotion.
Courtiers may take 9 again in a skill, a two-dot merit, +2 on skills vs. specific situations, or +1 to defense, initiative, speed, or armor
•••• Courtiers gain a Personal Approach related to how they fulfill the ideals and story of the court. Huntsmen cannot gain Yearning from a Court Approach unless they fulfill the Personal Approach first.
••••• A pure embodiment of the court, the character's mantle frequently flows out around the changeling and affects others around her. This is a descriptive and not a mechanical effect, and only sensed by those who can see the character's mien.
Benefits may be a three-dot merit, reroll failures of a particular skill, +1 to Health or Willpower, or a major advantage not reflected in game traits.

Crown: The leader of a freehold has access to an additional advantage. Monarchs may apply the persistent Charmed condition on as many people per session as they have dots in mantle.


The Mantle of a Spring courtier reflects the growth of life and hope within her. Mantle • to ••• manifests in a character’s seeming as something fresh and rejuvenated. Fragrant drafts of spring air are common, and images of slowly growing plants are far from unknown. Mantle ••••+ affects the character’s surroundings with the fecundity of her seeming. Flowers grow up where she steps and things appear more lively.

1. +1 Socialize
2. Goblin Vow (Desire)
3. 2 dots in Allies or Contacts
4. Personal Approach
5. 3 dots in Fast-Talking merit


The Summer Court’s Mantle carries the sensation of its pure, unrelenting strength. Characters with Mantle • to ••• demonstrate aspects of heat in their seemings. Heat distortions and the sensation of a dry, warm wind are common. Mantle ••••+ is even stronger — people able to detect the seeming can feel a physical heat rising from it and sometimes feel dried out.

1. +1 Intimidation
2. Goblin Vow (Wrath)
3. 1/1 Armor
4. Personal Approach
5. +1 Health


The Mantle of the Autumn Court is more overt- ly sorcerous than the others. It has mystical overtones — sparkles of light, occult characters, queer musical tones or other indicators — in addition to the normal seasonal nature. At Mantle • to •••, a character’s seeming displays the occasional dead leaf on the wind (moreso during the height of the season), lit candles or the vines of harvest-time plants. At Man- tle ••••+, the seeming shows those with more fre- quency and occasionally appears to kill nearby plants with frost, or at least make them wither. People who can perceive the seeming also feel occasional chills, not usually associated with temperature.

1. +1 Occult
2. Goblin Vow (Fear)
3. 9-Again Intimidate
4. Personal Approach
5. Advanced Action quality (roll twice, take the best result) to mundane Occult Rolls


The Winter Court’s Mantle is more subtle than the other Courts’, often to the point where a member may be confused with one of the Courtless. The Mantle is most evident in its absence: at Mantle • to •••, the seeming simply looks stark, as if it were clearer or easier to see than others. When invoking a Contract or evident magic, snowflakes may whisk through the image. At Mantle ••••+, a seeming looks more plain than ever, though actively using magic may fill it with a flurry of snow.

1. +1 Subterfuge
2. Goblin Vow (Sorrow)
3. +1 Defense
4. Personal Approach
5. 3 dots of Closed Book merit

-= Original Sin =-