The Simplicity Of Your First Character

Because of differences in game environment, setting and player style, it is highly reccomended that your first character be as simple as possible. While we strive to give you all of the information you need on the website to play the game, we are unable to give you a perfect view of what the current player climate is like.

In order to best see what is needed during a game, what is likely to get the most play and what frankly will work best overall, we ask you to keep your character simple the first time around.

Keep in mind, we are not asking you to make a throw away mortal to play for 2 weeks then to make your real character. You can keep your first character, as we allow multiple characters, or you can choose to retire the character after you feel you have a grasp on the game environment. It is entirely up to you. We simply ask that you focus on this character first, and try to avoid certain things. These things are not banned for new characters, but we generally prefer you avoid them. A character may be approved with any of these things, but if you plan to write one, we advise you speak to an ST first to avoid wasted creation time.

Also, keep in mind almost all characters require some change to them to fit in our game environment. If you are unwilling to change your character in any way, choose another concept.

Lastly, please avoid rewriting a character you've played in other games/venues. While it might seem at first that this would ease your transition into our game environment, it has proven to do the opposite, as you tend to bring in past habits and pre-conceived notions that are often wrong or not appropriate for Original Sin. So please create original characters.

Here is the current list we ask you to avoid in general without first speaking to an ST:
•rare items
•restricted things
•excessively long backgrounds
•abused characters
•extremely young or extremely old characters
•overly sterotypical characters
•incomplete understanding characters
•character concepts that hinge entirely on one detail

For the Requiem and Forsaken games:
•long-torpor characters
•characters who have no sire or first pack and thus were never fully educated
•incomplete understanding characters

Can I turn my mortal into a...

There are a few options if you want to make your character more than mortal, but we'd like it if you state your desires to do this at approval (and this goes for any mortal character, not just your first).

Regardless, all conversions are at Storyteller discretion. Please ask specifically and don't assume it's ok.




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