Getting Started

There are two separate parts to registration: Web Based Registration and IRC Based Registration. In order to play a character on this server both must be done.

Website Registration

To register on the Website, send an email with the username you wish to use. You will get an email response from a storyteller with your chosen name and a random password. If you already have an account on the forum, you do not need to register again. Just log in with your forum name.

Please make your character sheet on a blank text file, then copy/paste the information onto our sheet. This allows you to work on it over more than one sitting as well as make sure the information isn't lost in a browser crash. There is no save button, only submit. There are a number of things that can crash your browser or cause the sheet to blank out in the middle of the process, and having to rewrite your entire sheet isn't fun.

You must then login to create a character. The system might allow you to make a sheet without being logged in, then send you an error when you submit, losing all the info you just put on a sheet.

To make a new character, go to the menu bar at the top and select "Creation". Make sure to read over the creation rules; we expect you understand them before making a sheet. Fill out the sheet fully, trying not to leave any blanks and then you may click submit. You must alert the STs to your submission on the server for it to be approved. Once you click submit, you will no longer be able to edit the sheet. You will be limited to a box known as "Editable Details", so make sure the sheet is finished. We can not open it back up for you to edit after this. If anything needs to be edited an ST will have to do it. The best we can do is delete the sheet and let you start over, so be careful that you have completely filled in the entire sheet.

IRC Registration

Once signed on to the IRC server, join the #help channel either by typing /join #help or typing /list and then select the #help channel from the Channels window. Once your character is approved, a Storyteller will walk you through the irc registration process.

After that, you may register your nickname with Nickserv. Type /msg nickserv help register to get the help file on that: the simple command is /msg nickserv register PASSWORD

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