Realism vs. Fantasy: How theme, sex and mechanics work in role-play

One of the things we pride ourselves on in this game is the ability for you as players to have more freedom here than the vast majority of other IRC based WoD games. In the majority of other games, character types can be so highly restricted that even playing a mortal is problematic. They become so vampire-centric they begin playing "Vampire: we're the only ones" games. We like realism. We like mortals seeing things and forcing characters to behave right or be met with consequences. We like using real-life rules and laws on weapons in our games and we think that, by far, the majority of real-life activities can be role-played without much incident. That being said, we're still playing supernatural creatures interacting with those mortals, supernaturals who have magic powers and abilities beyond that of normal people. It is still fantasy no matter how much we like to stick to realism. In addition to that, we're also playing in the Chronicles of Darkness, an environment that is more gritty and dark that the real world.

So, while we like to keep to realistic laws and consequences, we'll still lean toward the world being a darker place, with more clandestine secret organizations, secret places, paranoia, mystery and unexplained deaths. In our darkened version of NYC dirty politics, criminal activities, racism and sexism are more prevalent, more bar-room brawls happen, crime and violence in the ways that relate to the supernaturals is obviously higher. However, this does not mean everything bad in the world is automatically worse. One of the best advantages of the new Chronicles of Darkness is the benefit of being able to tailor-make your own environment. New York can work one way, while LA can be the complete opposite and it still works just fine.

We, however, are still bound by using a game system and its mechanics. This means a few things. First, while we want the world to be darker than normal in some aspects, we're still only darkening the real world.

Theme vs. Cyber
Second, sex happens. We're adults, we're role-playing various types of characters, and some of those would have sex. This does not mean we are a cyber-sex server or we encourage sex based role-play. This means that, like a good movie might include a sex scene, a good storyline might include one as well. You can play as little or as much of the actual scene as you want. You can choose for this to be a downtime activity, or choose to fade to black, or you can role-play it out. We're not going to look down on you for any of these choices, and they are your options as long as sexual role-play is a small part of your story line and not the major part. You are adults: behave in a mature fashion, don't force people into scenes they are not interested in, don't force them to role-play out sexual scenes, don't make characters who are here to do nothing but have sex IC, don't be hypocrites and talk down to people for doing the same sort of scenes you do and that is all we need from you.

Keep in mind, we're giving you the freedom to role-play what you like within reason, this means if you do something out of the sexual norm it is alright, but don't assume that because this is a Chronicles of Darkness game that it means we accept serial killers, serial rapists, child molesters, or other disgusting activities as acceptable role-play. While a character might be raped in a storyline, this does not mean they have to play this out with you if they are not interested in this kind of role-play. Come to the Storytellers and we can work out what happens in a downtime scene. Don't force people to role-play anything they are not comfortable with, that will only result in you being banned from our game.

Lastly, game mechanics can flat out suck. Sometimes the way they are written is confusing, complex or even nonsensical. We try our best to keep them realistic, but there is only so much anyone can do. There is no way we can sit down and rewrite the entire game system over one bad mechanic. It also means that sometimes Mages are going to be overpowered, or Werewolves will have a combat advantage. We will fix these things to the best of our ability if we feel it is something that must be fixed, but we need players to trust us and work with us when it comes to these things. Remember, a bad mechanic may work against you on Monday and benefit you on Friday, but either way, it will be the same for the entire game.


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