Playing a Teen Character

There are several important, but often overlooked pieces to playing a character under the age of 20. At times, simply having a character who appears to be under 18 carry some of the same issues with it.

Currently the minimum restricted age for a mortal character is 16 years old, and at least 16 years in appearance. No characters under 16 will be considered for characters, period. If you choose a character of this age, you must take into consideration a few things. There are very specific negative consequences to playing a character under 18 in general, It is a great deal more time consuming for storytellers and players alike. Fake IDs are in general not always possible, the legal system changes and in general it will require you as a player to make greater sacrifices. In order to avoid this, we ask you play a character of at least 18 years of age. If this becomes problematic for you as a player, we will restrict your characters to this age.

Legal Issues

Characters under the age of 18 must have parents or gaurdians. These can be other player characters or unplayed NPCs. Unplayed NPCs will generally act in the best interest of your character unless otherwise written in your character's background. We generally will not allow your current guardians to be overly abusive, but that does not mean your guardians must be perfect angels. They can still cause your character issues you can rp to some extent. If something happens to your guardians, your character will be placed in a foster home. This is not something that can be avoided for logistical reasons.

Characters under 18 must attend school on a daily basis. Because of this if you are caught by police, teachers, government officicals, or just a concerned citizen out during school hours you will likely be reported truant. This carries any number of hassles along with it.

Night Clubs
Characters under the age of 18 may not necessarily enter night clubs. There are exceptions to this in the form of all ages clubs that have tight drinking restrictions and seedy clubs that are not as apt to following the law. These will be noted on the individual channel page. Characters under 21 however are not allowed to buy alcohol, regardless of how seedy the location is without a fake ID.

Fake Identification
Fake ID are covered under the Alternate Identity merit, your character cannot start with one without having dots in the merit. In some situations fake IDs will not work. A fake ID will not work with the police or government officials. Showing a fake ID in this situation will get it removed from you and likely taken into custody. A fake ID will not work a great deal older than your character appears. If your character appears to be 14, a fake ID of 20 will not work in any situation. However, if your character appears 16, a fake ID of 18 would likely pass just fine.

Here is a quick scale for minimums:
18 year old Fake ID - Apparent age 16+
21 year old Fake ID - Apparent age 17+
25 year old Fake ID - Apparent age 19+



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