These are the basic rules of engagement on Original Sin. We require these basic forms of interaction to have some uniformity in our game. This allows everyone to understand what is going on and spend less time trying to translate what other people are trying to do.


New Players and Private messages

We generally request that conversations with new players stay in public channels such as #ooc or #help. This helps prevent a few problems, including the most important which is giving out incorrect information. If a question is asked in private message and the wrong answer is given, a new player might work under the assumption of that wrong information for a long time before it comes up again and a storyteller is able to correct it. This can, and has, caused problems including hard feelings in the past, and we'd like to avoid that. So please, keep conversations about the game, other players, characters, and in game events, to public channels such as #ooc or #help. Thanks!

#help etiquette

Please allow the Storytellers time to respond to things said in #help when you're asking questions or making statements about things. If you bring up an issue and then leave before a storyteller can address it, they will most likely ask you back into #help so they can finish what they were trying to say. At worse, they might not respond at all if you are not willing to wait, and you might lose whatever answer or benefit you were seeking due to your own haste.

Please simply state or ask, "I'm done, anything else?" or something similar. A storyteller will usually respond in a timely manner to advise if there was nothing else. However, if there is no response within 10-15 minutes, you can state "I'm going to leave now since there's nothing futher" or something similar. Or you can just wait out the idle timer from Canaille.

Everyone role-plays differently, some prefer certain styles of typing to others, and we try to give a little variation, but we cannot allow every single style out there, because of the obvious confusion issues.

You can use either of the two following ways:

::Sue walks into the room:: Hey Bob, how is it going?

/me walks into the room. "Hey Bob, how is it going?"

Please do not use " "'s around speech unless it is in a /me action.
Please do not mix :: :: and /me in the same line.

Please do not use * * or > < or < > or any other system of markers. It gets a bit crazy and complicated when there are too many different ways to denote action. Also, please type everything out when you rp, do not use abbreviations like: LOL, TY, YW, OMG etc IC. This is just flat out silly. Type it out, otherwise it's assumed your character literally said the letters out loud.

Please do not put internal thoughts or "narrator dialog" (such as rhetorical questions) in actions. Characters who can read thoughts must utilize a power in order to do so. We only want actions to be things others can see. Actions should not tell other characters what they think about an action or character, unless there is some reason (such as the Nosferatu flaw). Some minor things like, "She gives a look that says she wants to talk" is ok, but "She enters the room. Why would anyone dress that way? You all stop and turn and stare at her in the most egregious way" is not ok. If there is an active power that forces actions, that's a different situation. If you are unsure, please talk to a Storyteller.

Out of Character
When speaking out of character in a game channel, please used (( ))'s to indicate the thing you are saying is not in character.

For example:
((I am going to roll x, What is your willpower?))

or when correcting your spelling or statement in some way.

<Sue> ::fasll on her face.::
<Sue> ((falls))


<Sue> I meant to say no.
<Sue> ((woops, I meant to say no, it is over.))


<s> = softly
<vs> = very softly
<q> = quiet
<w> = whispers

You do not have to use any of these abbreviations if you don't want to. You can just as easily say:
/me speaks softly. "I know what you did."
/me leans into Sherry and whispers. "I don't know about you, but I think we are in trouble here."

Do not type that your character whispers in the channel and message the text to someone. if it is not in the channel, it did not happen.

The only required abbreviation to be used is: <p> = phone conversation. To make a phone call IC you message the person you are calling and type ::ring, ring:: or ::your phone is ringing:: or I am calling you, etc. Then use the #cell or #phone channel, but you must paste your side of the conversation to the game channel you are in. You do so by doing this.
<p> Hello?
<p> Great to hear from you Sam.
<p> No, I didn't know Sue was in town.

The only exception to this would be to leave the area or walk out of hearing distance of the other characters. If you do this, you must leave the channel. If you stay in the channel, then your side of the conversation must be pasted to the channel.

<tm>, <text>, <txt>, <t> = text message
You can choose whether or not to paste what is said in text message to the channel.

It is assumed that you are speaking English in character at all times unless otherwise specified. To speak in another language you must head it with something. You can either type out the language name:
/me laughs and speaks in French. "That was so funny."

or you can use an abbreviation. We usually use the few letters of the language, such as: <ger>, <eng>, <fre>, <ital>, <russ>, <span> etc.

Please do not type out accents, they make it difficult to read and keep up with what the character is actually saying. Simply do ::speaks with an X accent:: to denote this instead of annoying people more than you probably intended to in the beginning.

We use present tense while actively playing, as things take place in the present. Please refrain from using past, future, future perfect, or any other odd tense unless talking about something that actually happened in that sort of tense. Actions you are typing at the moment are in the present.

Present tense: /me picks up the soda bottle and examines it.

Past tense: /me picked up the bottle and examined it.
Future tense: /me would pick up the bottle and examine it.

Any tense is acceptable in speech, as you could be talking about past, present or future, but only present tense is acceptable in actions.

Leaving a channel
To leave a channel, one must type something about physically leaving the area IC, and wait at least 30 seconds to quit the channel, in case someone tries to stop you IC.

::walks away from the others and moves to leave the area.::
Then wait at least 30 seconds, and then you may quit the channel.

The only exception to this being in combat, if you would like to leave the channel in combat, you must first ask the ST running the combat. If you leave during a pivotal moment IC, without notice, you may have you character rped by an ST. So please do not do it.

Time in game
The in-game setting is considered always-night unless the scene is specifically stated to be a daytime scene. It is considered rude to leave a scene with a "it's getting light out" if there are other people who are staying in the channel and roleplaying, because it forces them to accept the time change. If everyone is leaving, then it can be done without a problem. In a larger scale, though, the date is today's date, the year is the current year. There is no alteration, expansion or contraction, of the time scale here.

Private Messages
We do not allow any roleplay to be done in private messages. ALL gaming must be done in a channel on our server. This is so there are logs of all actions and the STs can review scenes and see what has happened and what's going on in the game. This includes transfers of information (what the results of a dice roll are, what power effects are on a person, even basic questions about rules), IC phone calls, IC text messages. EVERYTHING. Channels are set up for any purpose you might need, please use them.

Please do not "cram" a lot of different actions into a single action line. For example, ::Jane reaches into her bag, pulls out her gun, fires at Sue, puts the gun away and then runs off into the night:: is cramming. The total time for all of that is much more than any single action should be. In addition, it does not allow others to react to the events, preventing rather than encouraging roleplay. If your choice of actions are things that would be split up in a combat scene over multiple turns, then please use multiple lines and allow others to react to the events you are portraying. Also remember that while technology is amazingly fast compared to years ago, it still takes a while to connect a phone call or take a cell phone picture. Please try to use realistic time frames for your actions as well.

Paragraph roleplay
Related, you can do paragraph roleplay, but please keep them to short paragraphs when in public roleplay channels with lots of other characters. In private scenes, or with 2-3, paragraphs can be ok as long as they're not cramming, as mentioned above.




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