A note: “Influence-Resonant Condition” describes a Resonant Condition for one or more of a Purified’s Influences.

Towards Flesh

Defiling a locus. (-3)

Refusing to harvest or receive Essence that is in alignment with Influences.

Using a Bane against a spirit or Purified.

Rejecting gathra during social maneuvering.

Performing an extended action that is clearly detrimental to one’s Influence Resonance(s).

Interacting closely with a specific group of mortals for longer than 1 year apart from Resonant Condition generation. (-1)

Harmony 3 or Lower

Allowing another being to harvest from one’s locus or loci.

Spending more than 2 days away from Influence-Resonant Conditions.

Defiling an area so that it is no longer Resonant with one’s Influence(s).

Using a language other than Spirit Tongue among parties who know Spirit Tongue.

Towards Spirit

Spending more than 1 month without close human interaction. (+1)

Forgiving a serious offense because the offender gave gathra or performed an appropriate spirit rite. (+1)

Living through an epidemic, natural disaster, or calamity.

Harming or intimidating a human being for interfering with an Influence-Resonant Condition.

Killing humans and supernatural types that do not resurrect. (-2)

Dying and resurrecting a body. (-2)

Consuming Rank 1-5+ spirits or other Purified for Essence. (-3)

Harmony 8 or Higher

Spending a significant portion of time over the course of a week in Influence-Resonant Conditions.

Using Influences on a loved one.

Suffering an injury that would kill a human.

Using Spirit Tongue when another language would suffice perfectly well.

Towards Flesh: Disadvantages

Towards Spirit: Disadvantages

Universal Disadvantages