The world is a dark and secret place. Monsters lurk in the night, hidden by shadow and conspiracy.

Vampires, Werewolves, shapeshifters, and more haunt the streets of New York City. The throngs of humanity greatly outnumber them. In this, they have come together to form a tenuous pact to exist together and survive another night. The Traditions evolve, the Oath of the Moon bends, to accept a new reality. The All Night Society includes all creatures of the night.

Welcome to Original Sin

Our server is a supernatural urban fantasy game based on the Chronicles of Darkness and Powered by FATE.

The metropolitan area of New York City has a population over 20 million, so there are approximately 200-250 total supernaturals in the city, from vampires and werewolves to changelings and mages to immortals and others. The children of the night are outnumbered almost a million to one.

The All Night Society

In New York City, the various supernaturals have come to a provisional truce. Decades ago, they decided it was better to band together than die apart, and formed a haphazard coalition that grew over the years into a city council. The number of council members fluctuates, but rarely has more than 20 total members or less than 5. A leader is chosen by the council, usually one of their own, similar to a mayor. Sometimes strong, sometimes a figurehead; Kindred often call them Prince, Uratha often call them Alpha, Changelings often call them Monarch; but regardless of title, they are considered the pinnacle of the city's supernatural population.

The council appoints an office to enforce the laws of the night, usually called the Sheriff. The Sheriff appoints deputies as needed to assist in enforcement. The council also selects a Judge, when necessary, to oversee any disputes or questions about the interpretation or enforcement of law, and to make final rulings regarding guilt and punishment.

Each supernatural tends to superimpose their social structure over the city council. They often react in that light, and don't always fully understand each others' motives or logic. The Kindred talk of trading boons and harpies, while Uratha prepare for sacred hunts, and the Changelings reinforce the Bulwark of the city against the Gentry. They may help or hinder each other, but they return to the city council structure as it has worked best for them overall.

The city has laws that the council and leader have cobbled together, and sometimes change when leadership changes. Generally, keeping mortal authorities out of supernatural business, and adhering to the Judge are the primary laws that stay the same across the years.

In the end, the situation is tenuous and imperfect, creating divisions and contingency plans. There are always those who inevitably seek to rail against the system, but thankfully they have always been the minority, as survival in a city where mortals so dwarf the supernatural population is their chief concern.


We are using the Fate Condensed rules by Evil Hat Productions which can be obtained from their site here, or here at DriveThruRPG or using the FATE SRD site to cover the basics.


The role-play style of our server is primarily social and player-based. Players create and explore their own personal storylines. Storytellers run scenes from time to time, but do not run every scene on the game. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding how the system works, come to #help and see an ST. We will be glad to help you.

Requirements for Play

1. We require new players to submit a basic mortal as their first character and play for 2 weeks before other character types are allowed. This is a trial period, and can be considered an application to the game itself. This gives you time to acclimate to the game environment, and to the other players. Please use this time for that purpose, and we will be glad to discuss more character options after the 2 week period has passed.
2. You must have the ability to connect to IRC and operate your chosen IRC client.

Lines and Veils

Some things on this website may be inappropriate for children. Please only enter this site if you are 18 or over. We do not claim to be real vampires, hold cultist activities, or take anything that happens inside this game as real. So please, realize this is a fictional game and take everything in this site as game info or simply with a big grain of salt. If you don't like these rules, then please click the close button on your browser and have a nice day.

For those that do want to play, understand that we are an LGBTQIA+ server and our players are a range of people from all walks of life who want to explore adult themes and storylines. We do not discriminate against people who want to play out various adult themes from sex to kink to anything else. Roleplay and storylines might include trigger events for some people, including violence, kidnapping, assault, explicit sex, taboo subjects, etc. Please make sure everyone involved is aware and consents to scene elements. If a scene changes or a trigger happens, we encourage people to fade to black or discuss a resolution, and involve Storytellers to help adjudicate when needed.

Otherwise, welcome to the Game!