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Character Background

How should I write my Character Background?

We're not going to be picky about spelling, grammar and writing styles given you follow a few basic rules. First of all never write your character background in first person. It is interesting to see what your character thinks of everything and fun for you, but his or her own view of things is not always the correct one. We want to know what really happened to your character and not what he or she thinks happened. First person style is also a bit hard to write in, and with the number of characters we approve every day it may be too long and complicated for us to read over quickly and understand it.

Second, please do not write dialogue or a play by play of what happened in a scene into your background. If a scene is important enough to add to your background you can condense it and tell us what basically happened. We're not grading you on your ability to write here, so a character background that is "boring as stereo instructions" but is concise, makes sense, and is easy for us to read and grasp what you are trying to say is much more appreciated than a beginning of your first novella.

Third, do not include role play examples. I know other groups, forums, etc may ask you for examples of your role play, but we do not need them here. We know that everyone's style is going to be a little different and that is okay as long as you use the same basics everyone else does. Those are listed on the ettiquette page.

Fourth, please do not link your characters to any signature characters in the WOD system. Don't have the prince of Chicago listed as your sire. Do not link your characters to any existing characters in the game without first talking to that person and getting their permission. Don't add you are a vampire who has a Uratha father, Mage aunt and 12 wolf blooded children so you get to know the ins and outs of all the supernaturals without first asking permission to do something wild and crazy like that.


What should be in my Character Background?

We want to know a little about your character. The main parts of their life. here are some quick questions to ask yourself as you write it. Where he was born? Where did he grow up? What was his mortal life like? Did he go to school? Did he have a career? Was he a ghoul? Why did his sire choose him? How was he embraced? What has he done since his embrace? Is he into politics? If so, what covenent and how did he be come a part of that covenant? How and why did he come to NYC? You don't have to explain every detail, not everything in that list applies to every character, but this is along the lines of what we want.


Example Background

This is a very short example background for a vampire in the ten years or less range, that has resources, academics, covenant status and such.

Jason was born in detroit in 1975. He had a fairly happy childhood. His parents were blue collar working class people, who barely made enough money to keep food on the table. Jason studied hard and got good grades. When the time came he got a scholarship to the University of Michigan, where he graduated with a BS in Chemistry. He started work at Chemidyne, a company which specialized in cosmetic production. On a business trip to Kyoto, Japan, Jason met Hiyami. She was a very attractive Japanese woman who was deeply interested in Jason's keen intellect. Jason stayed past his business trip and spent the next few weeks with Hiyami. When he finally told her he needed to leave she refused to let him go. She said she had a whole different world she wanted to show Jason.

After getting permission from the prince, Hiyami embraced Jason and began teaching him the ways of being a vampire, and the politics involved. Within a few short years after his embrace Hiyami realeased Jason and he joined the Circle of the Crone Covenant. His interest in this covenant lead him to NYC, where the covenant was in charge. Jason is anxious to learn more about his covenant and perhaps put his degree to use in a more enjoyable way. He soon found a job working in NYC-Chem, as an advisor. He works part time, and mostly from home.